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Judo for kids

At the Bu’sen we have a large variety of classes for children throughout the week, catering for all ages and abilities. Our Peewees classes on Tuesdays and Saturdays are the perfect introduction to Judo for children as young as four years old. When your child studies Judo within our school they will learn by action and not words that the care of others around them is also their responsibility.

Safeguarding policy

Bu’sen Judo School

Our Judo school, the Anglo Japanese is the oldest Judo and Martial Arts Association in the UK, founded by Kaoru Mishiku Sensei in 1929. Mishiku Sensei was a master of Judo, Ju-jutsu and Kendo, and a graduate of the Sekai Butokukai, which was the premier Martial Arts University of Japan. Click here for the History of the Bu’sen.

The form of Judo practised by our club is Kyo Shin Do, which is not merely a style of Judo, but a philosophy, laying great emphasis on safety, discipline and the building of confidence.

Shihan Frank T Perry (Chief Instructor)

The chief instructor at the club is Shihan Frank T. Perry who is one of the leading exponents of martial Arts in this country. Sensei Perry began his instruction at the age of four under the late Mishiku Sensei, and won his first Black Belt at the age of 14. After Mishiku Sensei’s death, Sensei Perry travelled abroad and studied under various Japanese teachers. Click here for Sensei Perry’s full biography.

Sensei Perry is assisted throughout the week by Sensei D Clarke, 4th Dan, Sensei P. Alexander, 2nd Dan, Aaron Scott, 3rd dan, Joe Perry 1st Dan and Francis Perry, 1st Dan.


The sooner you can purchase a Judo suit (Gi) for your child the better. Judo suits are available from the club together with association badges. Loose clothing or a tracksuit may be worn for the first two or three training sessions.


Your child will be able to enter three Judo gradings or assessments per year, providing they have attended at least 70% of the training sessions between each grading. Up to the age of 10, your child will add to their white belt when they are successful. Under this system even very young children can see their progress without having to take severe exams. As every parent knows, nothing succeeds like success!

Judo Club Events

Our club has a very good contest record having produced Area, Regional, Southern England and National Champions. However, parents should always bear in mind that contests are only one part of Judo training and what we are really trying to teach is the pleasure of being a controlled and skilful Judo Ka (student).