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Tai Chi Chuan

Tai-Chi is a Martial Art that emphasises relaxation as a way to follow the Taoist philosophy of soft overcoming hard. Learning Tai Chi allows students to cultivate themselves whilst exercising in a comfortable and fluid manner. Harmony and balance with a calm centre are the goals of Tai Chi, which when used properly can be devastating as a Martial Art. The training takes the form of learning a series of postures, and linking them together to make a continuous for of ‘shadow boxing’. Later two person exercises allow refinement and further development of sensitivity skills, which lead to self defence applications, weapon training and internal work (Nei Kung).

Simon Suckling (Instructor)

In 1977 I began to study Tai Chi Chuan in England as well as Shintaido, as they have a common element which I describe as natural.

Master Chu often said, “The first reason to study Tai Chi is good health”. In thirty something years I have studied Shintaido, Yoga, Sitting Meditation, Bohjustu, Bokken, Shin (new) Karate. Tai Chi sword, spear and staff, some Hsing-I and Pau Kua. Tai Chi with Master Chu and many, many years with one of his top students Bob Coleman, a real enthusiastic practitioner. My aim now is to help people find well being.

The boxing inTai Chi helps build confidence. Most progress comes through good relationships with teachers and fellow students, accepting criticism and keep trying with a happy heart.

Who can learn Tai Chi?

Everyone can learn Taich Chi, however it is generally not suitable for minors as they are unlikely to have the patients needed for this discipline.

Costs and Fees

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  • Private lessons may be booked at reception. 24 hours notice required prior to a cancellation.