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Welcome to the Bu'sen

*** Bu’sen Christmas Timetable ***
No MMA Class
Last training day before Christmas, Monday 22nd December 2014
Re-open back training Monday 5th January 2015

Welcome to the Bu’sen (Kyoto Budo Senmon Gakkou) Martial Arts School, formerly the Anglo Japanese & Seiki Juku Association headquarters (Honbu). Founded in 1901 and established in Twickenham for over 25 years.

We are affiliated to the English Karate Federation, the Sekai Butokukwai and the Sports Council Advisory Group for Martial Arts. Please browse our website to discover the comprehensive Martial Arts classes we offer delivered and overseen by our Chief Instructor F. T. Perry, 8th Dan (Hanshi).

All instructors are NVQ/BTEC qualified.

Bu'sen martial arts school